Saturday, July 22, 2006

LA LA LAving it....a little

I am not a big fan of Los Angeles. You pretty mch have to drive everywhere and its residents are more concerned about themselves than anything else. But every time I go down to SoCal its positive features start to chip away at my NoCal bias. I do love all of the different cultures converging....more so than here in SF.

I also love the art and achitecture. I checked out the Rauchenberg exhibit at the MOCA and right across the street is Disney Hall.


Fun production shoot I directed today depite almost choking on hairspray aersol. Erica, the actor in green was great. The theme of the spot and campaign is that you have "too much" of some things in the morning...this being hairspray. I think we used two cans of hairspray and some get to Erica's hair this way. Luckily for her it washes out easily.

Salk in Salty San Diego

Built in 1956 by Luis Kahn, the Salk Institute in San Diego is marvelous structure initiating a style craze. I visited a dusk with not a soul around.


San Diego is a military city. It is everywhere, even right next to a huge studio lot. This the last stop for these guys before heading over to Iraq. Not more than 300 yards away are dozens of actors shooting the new show Fashion House staring Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild.

my, my, myNetwork

I have not been able to post for a bit thanks to a nasty trojan/blaster virus. Annoying pop-ups overwhelm my computer. I gave my computer to my IS department with limited results. It will have to go back but before it does I will post rapidly to catch up.

I spent a few days down in San Diego for work going behind the scenes of an upcoming show soon to premiere on the new network, myNetworkTV.

Some rapid fire observations:
Morgan Fairchild is porcelin doll
Bo Derek has tiny legs
It takes way too many people to shoot a TV show
Extras are hot

Here are two photos, one of an interview with Morgan Fairchild the other with some extra/former model.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Run 7/4

Independence Day and I decided to head down to tourist central along the waterfront for my run. It seemed like everybody was staking out the prime spot to watch tonight's fireworks. While I enjoy fireworks I am not one to go out of my way to watch a display. They are always anti-climatic, always the same.

This path travels along the Marina Green and over to Coit Tower up the Filbert Street steps.

This this path travels along the Marina and Embarcadero the middle portion of this route is flat, while the trek up to Coit Tower and the route home is a bit hilly.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Best Tongue Ever

Went to San Francisco Magazine's Best of the Bay party with my good friend Sarah. This is the only tongue action we both got all night.