Thursday, August 09, 2012

Non-Stop on Southwest

What do you consider a non-stop flight? I always thought it meant a direct flight from point A to point B without stopping or landing. I was wrong. Not when you fly Southwest Airlines. The airline classifies non-stop as a flight where you do not have to change planes. Your plane can land, taxi and STOP, but if you do not have to get off while others do, then continue on to your destination, that is considered non-stop. Really?

While I was booking a flight over the phone while looking online at the flight schedule, the customer service person asked my if I would like a non-stop flight. I told her I didn't see any on the schedule. All of the flights went through either Phoenix or Las Vegas. She then informed me that as long as I do not have to change planes it is considered non-stop.

What next Southwest? A new way to determine what time you actually land and take off?