Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chasing History

I thought I might be a part of history last night. A lot of people seem to be thinking that Barry is going to hit the big dinger this home stand. I sure do, others think it is going to take a while. I went to the Giants game hoping Barry Bonds would crush a few home runs. He didn't and is still two away from tying Hank Aaron for the all-time record, three away from breaking that record. I have another chance to possibly see history on Friday (if he doesn't do it by then).
So all the press is here and the demand for tickets is skyrocketing. Barry is slumping despite hitting two dingers in Chicago. Anyone who's been following all things Barry knows that whenever he gets close to some record, he gets all slump-y, probably due to all the hype and pressure surrounding him and so it takes him awhile to get to the big number. All of which has many guessing when and where he breaks the record and the speculation that Barry and the Giants so want this record broken at home that they'll rig it so that he does. So what they’re saying is that the Giants will intentionally sit Barry on the road just enough to make sure that there's no way he'll be break the record in the team's grays. This despite the evidence out there that it's possibly the stupidest thing anyone has ever thought up due to it's complete disregard to reality.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


San Franciscans are a hearty bunch when it comes to movies. San Francisco, like a lot of cities, has organizations that throw outdoor movie gatherings. While other cities have warm, pleasent weather, San Francisco in the summertime means wind and fog. Saturday night was the showing of Sixteen Candles in Dolores Park and a crowd pushing 5-thousand showed up. By nightfall the wind had picked up, the fog was rolling in and it got darn chilly. But the tough San Franciscans held tough and refused to let a little cold get in the way of their free movie. Maybe all the food and wine people bring has something to do with it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Look

For the past few months I have been working hard trying to get a 'new look' for KRON 4 on the air. Well today it finally happened, sort of. With the help of some great designers the new red look was completley done in house. I think it is a big improvement over the old graphic look. While a majority of the graphics go live today, the remaining will go live next week.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Korean Cuisine

I must say that during my visit to S. Korea I ate extremely well. Koreans are known for their kimchi and for sometimes cooking an animal that others might find offensive. That later is becoming less and less common and is frownd upon by the majority now. The strangest thing I saw was a kimchi and rice hamburger. I doesn't look too bad but the idea of rice bun kind of defeats the purpose of having a bun in the first place. You can hold a bun, you can't hold a rice patty.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Passing of the Porn Legend

One of San Francisco's true characters has passed.

Famous for creating the Mitchell Brother(s) O’Farrell Theatre and then committing fratricide with a 22-caliber rifle, Jim Mitchell helped give San Francisco the wonderful and sick reputation it still (sort of) maintains. Today he died at 63 in Sonoma County. Starting out by selling nudie pics with his brother, Artie, the two built a porn empire with the help of such luminaries as local horny SF politicians, Marilyn Chambers, and lots and lots of boobies. Even batshit crazy journalist Hunter S. Thompson worked as a night manager at the (in)famous theater. Years later -- after all of the sex, coke, and more boobies -- took their toll, things moved too downhill fast. In an apparent “intervention” to help his brother; Jim shot Artie to death, and then kicked in the VIP lounge at San Quentin State Prison up until his release in 1997.
You had a fascinatingly torrid life that seemed to end in peace, and we promise to rub one out in your honor tonight, Jim. Or better yet, take a loved one to your flagship theater to see a peepshow.
Also, I am sorry that Emilio Estevez had to play you in your biopic. Alas.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Good Chopsticks, American

I just returned from Korea and I must say, I do believe I made us fellow Americans proud. I had plenty of meals with various Koreans and during each one somebody commented on my excellent chopstick skills. If they came away with one thing from my visit it may very well be the thought that us Yanks can handle the 'sticks. I am proud of this small yet important accomplishment.

Also, Koreans like to think their food is spicy. Well, after seeing more than one native turn away and cower from the heat, once again this Yank took it with an open mouth. Their so-called spicy food is nothing compared to hot wings at the Old Pro in Palo Alto or a tongue scorching bowl of chili at a chili cookoff.

I did get tired of sitting on the floor.

All-Star Events

San Francisco is hosting this year's MLB All-Star Game. While I will not be attending the game or the pre-game Home Run Derby I did go to the All-Star Fan Fest. The celebration took up three floors of the Moscone Convention Center and was filled with goodies, collectables and tons of displays. Not only can you take plenty of fake photos (Wheaties, for example), there were batting cages, pitching cages and tons of things to do for young kids.