Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Running with Strawberries

Can a fruit or vegetable taste any better than the ones you pick or grow yourself? Since I do not have a field or orchard, the U-Pick fields out in Brentwood do the trick. The only fields that were open were strawberry, not that I am complaining. Soon there will be peaches, cherries and others. These strawberries were amazing and what deal at only a $1 a pound!
While out in Brentwood I also went on a 15 mile run with my good friend. It was a good change to run out in the country. A good portion of the run was along the Marsh Creek trail where we spotted river otters, ducks with their ducklings and too many hawks to count.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday, 4/13

The end of the week. Simple pleasures in life can present themselves in many forms. The way a good pairs of shoes fit just right or when fixing something, when a guess turns out right. Running brings with it simple pleasures. This run primarily stays in Golden Gate Park, a park many probably take for granted but contain more than its fair share of simple pleasures. Along the way I passed the tulips that are in bloom under the windmill. The mighty bison grazing at dusk in a place you would least expect. Dog owners enjoying a nice walk with the pet. I often wonder if dog owners would get as much exercise if they did not own a dog. The sound of the ocean before you can see it. The funky tree along the trail that is shaped like a giant "U". The smell of Indian food as I enter back into the neighborhood. Running. Golden Gate Park. Simple. Pleasure.

You may not know, Golden Gate Park is larger than Central Park in NYC by roughly 170 acres and is the third most visited park in the U.S., number one being Central Park followed by Lincoln Park in Chicago.

This run is just over 8 miles (13.3km) and since it is in the Park there are plenty of water fountains all over.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sunday Trek to Alamere Falls 4/8

Sunday was the perfect day for a hike so we headed up to Marin and Point Reyes. This trek begins on the wide, well-kept Coast Trail and meanders 4.1 miles one-way from the Palomarin trailhead along the edge of the Pacific. The end goal is Alamere Falls, which fall 50-feet right into the ocean. On the way we passed beautiful Bass Lake and Pelican Lake, and red-tailed hawks coasting above.

All of this just 45 mintues from home.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Satuday, April 7

No iPod, no watch, no heartrate monitor, no problems. This run covers such a wide variety of San Francisco's landscape if you had any of those so-called running aids you might just miss the great stuff around you. This trek ventures through the Mission down to 'the Big Phone', otherwise known as AT&T Park. I made it down there to catch the 6th inning of the game, the Giants eventually lost to the Dodgers. Next, along the Embarcadero through the Financial and up through Pac Heights and home.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Regional Special Olympics 4/1

This past weekend I made the three hour trek to Fresno with six of the most courageous athletes I know. It was the annual Special Olympics basketball tournament. I help coach the San Francisco Wildcats, one of three teams I coach along with two other great coaches. I normally do not work with the Wildcats but due to circumstances this was my team for the weekend.
Special Olympic tournaments are always filled with inspiration and wonder. This Wildcat team consisted of only six players, that is tough to complete with on any level. On top of that the team enlisted two new members since regular team members could not make it. Despite losing the first three games the Wildcats never gave up and won their last game of the tournament making for an enjoyable ride home. Teamwork on the court carried to off the court as well when Eugene needed help from Charles and Bill to get to the van after injuring his ankle. Yes, there are even cheerleaders at Special Olympics. Not for us, but they were fun to watch.