Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SF Summer - Only The Food

Summertime in San Francisco means mostly gray days, lots of wind, chilly temps., and the ever present fog. The only way to get a taste of summer is by going to the market and right now my sunshine is provided by super sweet corn from nearby Brentwood. If it wasn't for these along with mounds of melons and tons of strawberries I would think it was January. So while most are sweating it out in 100-degree temps or suffering through insane humidity, we here in SF are wearing jackets shivering home with bags filled with 10 ears of corn for $1. Makes for a nice summer.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fire Alarm

Imagine you are at work and the fire alarm goes off. What would you do? That happened at work today for me and a strange thing happened; nobody did anything. Everybody just sat their desk, looked around, looked annoyed by the piercing sound and continued to work. There was no mad rush for the doors. Nobody even got up from their chair. Do we not believe the fire alarm? Do we have to smell smoke or see flames before we leave? By that time isn't it too late? It turned out the alarm was set off by somebody burning their popcorn in the microwave. No need to panic.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I am Officially City-fied

I have officially become 'city-fied'. I don't like driving, I don't like malls, and I don't like extra value meals. Becoming 'city-fied' likely happened some time ago but I am just now coming to the realization and understanding of what it means.

I actually like driving as long as it is no where near the suburbs or San Jose. I have become a recreational driver. I had to make the drive San Ho for work over the weekend; too many cars, too many bad drivers and too much time spent waiting for a green light with no cross traffic.

Next up the mall. A gathering place where people can buy more shit they do not need. Strollers the size of shopping carts and acting like one too. And when the stroller does have a kid inside that kid is big enough to walk...maybe even ride a bike. And you would think that with all the walking done in the mall it would be good exercise and people would be in shape.

That brings me to extra value meals. I am all for a good size meal...but let's make that meal nutritious and balance it out with some variety. Seeing so many people consume colossal sized drinks and portions is frightening. Overweight kids who can't help it because their parents are overweight. The general public is generally not so good.

The way I look at it would be content in either a big city or out in the country, which makes sense knowing where I grew up. I don't need a lot of space but if the space is there I sure do not need a lot of people. I will step off my soapbox. I just need a place to vent every now and then.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mapped Run

It has been awhile since I mapped a run and shared the link, which you can click on in the title. Along the way I saw houseboats, homeless and man playing holiday songs on an Erhu. What is an erhu you ask? It is a two-string Chinese fiddle. I am sure you have seen one. Along the way I also passed the Ferry Building and its farmer's market. While I love how the Ferry Building has been transformed into a destination, the prices there still amaze me. $4.99 for a cantaloupe! I just bought one on Clement street for $.99. Yes, the cantaloupe at the Ferry Building is organic...but it is really worth four more dollars?