Monday, June 25, 2007

I love San Francisco

No day makes me prouder to live in San Francisco than the day of the LGBT Pride Parade. It is the day making a lot of Americans shiver and San Franciscan's smile. The feeling all over The City is one of love and respect. The year's parade was again filled with the call for marriage equality. I feel it is only a matter of time before this becomes reality and much needed. How can somebody be against love and respect?

If LGBTs were allowed to marry the U.S. divorce rate would not be so high.

KRON 4's Henry Tenenbaum interviews George Takei of Star Trek Fame and one of the parade's Grand Marshalls.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tahoe Weddings

I just returned from a trip to Tahoe for a wedding and while the ceremony was great (right on the lake) the unexpected joy came after.
I made a pit-stop on the way home to visit my first love, Mother Nature. The Pyramid Creek Trail is just off I-50. Horsetail Falls cascades hundreds of feet, flowing full force right now making for a magnificent sight.

The trail wanders over huge granite slabs and through thin stands of trees for about three miles and reaches a good vantage point at the base of the falls. The creek is raging right now. Along the way are great pools, clear water, and plenty of serenity.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Beautiful Modern Cube

This building is downright gorgeous.
San Francisco modern architecture is transforming the South of Market area. I suppose you could simply call it gentrification: flop houses and factories make way for architect's and realtor's and web designer's loft conversion offices. But that's a silly word for the process of urban evolution, especially here in this very young city (with barely 160 years under its belt).

New construction sits side by side with decrepit century-old buildings. Riding my bike and walking through the neighborhood, I'm often pleasantly surprised to find a new-ish and interesting building filling a slot in the urban grid.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

SeaWorld = StrollerWorld

While in San Diego I went to SeaWorld with my friends, their two kids and the kids' grandparents. While I enjoyed the day I could not help but feeling I was being run over by strollers. I had never seen so many strollers in one place in my life.

Strollers are the very manifestiation of the dark commercial forces and one-upmanship that consume new parents. These were not strollers, these were mini-SUVs. I saw one stroller made by Jeep. Double-decker strollers, strollers with nobby-tires, extra storage, secret compartments and maybe even a coffee cup warmer for the parents. And the kids in them were usually not infants. What happened to walking? What happened to the simple stroller?
Parents need these super-sized strollers to carry all the extra stuff instead of the child. Often, the stroller turns into a shopping cart with the child relegated to a shoulder, the bags of over-priced memories filling the seat (since the kid will be too young to remember anything).

$900 for a stroller! I'll take a Red Flyer Wagon, it has more room looks a lot cooler.

Run San Diego

People ask why I run. I say, "If you have to ask, you will never understand". It is something only those select few know. Those who put themselves through pain, but know, deep down, how good it really feels.

I talk to my friends about running a lot. But only one of them has ever had the determination to see what I am talking about for themselves. This past weekend was the San Diego Marathon and while I finished the 26.2 miles in 4:20, it was nothing to my good friend Omar finishing at 4:40 in his first marathon.

The night before the race he was nervous, anxious and uncertain about what the marathon would hold in store for him. I reassured him he would do well, having trained hard, put in the hours and knew of his competitive spirit first hand. He was hoping to just finish, maybe around 5:30, 6 at the latest. All of his hard work paid off and I could not be more proud of him.