Saturday, December 20, 2008

Good Morning

I am glad fewer people are out in the morning. Not to be selfish but I don't like sharing this perfect time of day with too many people. The streets are not crowded, the air is fresh and clean, you hear the sound of birds and critters instead of buses and bustle.

There is a certain comraderie among people who get up and enjoy the morning together. My run this morning took me to Baker Beach, nothing unusual there. Out of the five people I came across three of them said "good morning". A simple saying that may mean nothing to most, but to us morning worshipers it is secret password knowing we belong to a privileged fraternity of morning fans. If the freaks come out at night, what comes out in the morning? Whoever we are, we just hope the majority of you stay in bed.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Great Dick-ens Fair

I had no idea Victoria London was so full of sex. Went to the Great Dickens Christmas Fair expecting Scrooge, Tiny Tim and the like and instead saw busty broads, horny men in top hats and heard many sexual inuendos. There was a rambunctious caberet show singing songs about husbands with 'no balls', many ladies in corsets so tight their breasts overflowed (not that I am complaining) and commentary not fit for a child. All of this did not register with Michelle who loved all the costumed people walking around. "It's like I am in an old movie."

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

No Doubt About It

Flipping through the channels last night I came the movie Mrs. Doubtfire so tonight I decided to run by the Mrs. Doubtfire House. Located on the corner of Steiner and Diviadero the house is great shape, as all in this toney Pacific Heights neighborhood. The only bad thing about it is having to see it at night.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Park

Sometimes old running grounds are my favorite running grounds. There was time when I used to run in Golden Gate Park every other day. I had not run there by myself in quite some time. Some things never change. There are scattered groups of Chinese doing Tai Chi, bikers starting their ride all decked out in vibrant colors, homeless waking up for a restless night, dog walkers and running buffs like myself. One thing is different now. With the opening of the Academy of Sciences there are now families lining up to get into this amazing, yet overpriced attraction. I went by the other day later in the afternoon and the line must have been 2 football fields long. Glad to see science and education are still thriving in this economy.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

burrrr runnnnnnn

I saw two Oscars today. Running through the Presidio and the Lucas Arts campus I ran by two offices displaying an Oscar. Nice. Whatever is in your office can not top that. The Emmy in my office now seems insignificant.

It is always tough to get out and run when it is cold but once I do it is usually always rewarding, invigorating and one of my top runs of the week. I woke up today and it was a chilly 43-degrees. Yeah, I know, it is not really that cold but for SF it is. A put on my long-sleeve thermal, gloves and a top layer. All this stuff for my torso and only shorts for the my legs. My place to the base of the GGB at Fort Point, touching "Hoopers Hands" and returning.