Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mexico Abode

Here is the place in Mexico where we stayed. Located about 1 1/2 north of San Jose del Cabo in the small village of El Cardonal, about 40 minutes from Los Barrilles

I do not know what I miss more, the solitude or the cheap and amazing food.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year was officially on February 6th but the celebration continues on nearby Clement Street (The Richmond District's Chinatown). The dancing lions were out in force this past weekend stopping by local businesses to bring good luck.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Marathon Minutes

I just realized I now I have 5 more minutes to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I have to run a race in 3:20 or less to get in instead of 3:15. That is now only 15 minutes faster than my best time. 5 more minutes never looked so good. That is a 7:33 pace. Not a cakewalk...for sure. Time to build a faster me, a stronger me.

While this goal is great I do not want to forget to do one thing: Give thanks that I can run. It's all too often we get so hung up on our goals that we simply forget what a blessing it is to be able to get out there and run. Many of us run because we overcame something else. There's quite possibly a good reason you are a runner. For me it is something else. Running gives me freedom and puts me more in tune with my surroundings. We often go through the day and do not notice the world around us. We're stuck in buildings or behind the wheel. I notice so many things around me when I run, I travel down roads I would normally not. My senses are alive.

If your running isn't perfect and you feel like you are in a rut, wondering why you are doing this day after day--stop for a minute. Rejoice in the fact that you can run.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Dying While Running

I saw a man die while running on Sunday.

I like to think I am invincible, especially when running. I get stronger with each step. I improve with each deep breath. I believe this to be true. Seeing a runner have what appeared to be cardiac arrest reminds me though I am NOT invincible.

I did not see him collapse, I saw him on the ground then a rush of people move in to try to revive him just after he crossed the finish line. Efforts that lasted over 20 minutes to no avail.

Sad, sure. I know running can be taxing on the heart but like any muscle it gets stronger the more you work it. The risk of dying while running is quite small. A study published in 1996 found a 1 in 50,000 chance during a runner's marathon career. (Based on exercising for more than 3 hours in a marathon.)

The man who died was younger (36) than me and finished slower than me (by 20 minutes). I do not know what shape he was in but you have to wonder if he prepared enough to handle the event. Did he push himself too much? Were there other factors that contributed to his heart's failure like clogged arteries? Most who die while running had undiagnosed heart anomalies. Too many questions requiring answers we will never get but it got me thinking about the dangers of running and what I and all runners should do to look out for ourselves.

Know your limits and know your body. Listen to your body and train and run accordingly. Be alert in any drop in endurance or strength. Be aware of any chest discomfort, numbness in the jaw or arms, tightness of the chest or shortness of breath. Have your heart checked.

I paid special attention to my heart tonight, my first run since Sunday. I strapped on my handy heart monitor and throughout my run I did not peak over 150bpm. I did not run very fast, my normal leisurely (for me) 7:30 per mile pace. Even at the end, my heart rate hovered just under 150bpm.

According to heart charts for a person my age the max heart rate should be around 190bpm, so I was not pushing it. This is now my guideline to watch and monitor from this point on. The good thing was my recovery rate. Within one minute my heart rate dropped down to 80bpm, well above average according to the charts. The old ticker is not only working but working well.

There were a series of stairs about midway through my run. At the top were two guys smoking pot. One of them was coughing like crazy. Maybe it was his first time. On my way down I said to myself I may not be invincible but I would rather run the risk than sit around doing that or nothing at all.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sun or Snow...I'll take this any day

For all of my friends shoveling snow and shivering...suck on this!
Running last night in a short sleeve shirt. A crisp morning ride today. Plenty of sunshine. Glad to be here.