Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In-Laws No More

I know I have not written as many entries as I would like and I have not posted since Michelle's parents left. They stayed with us for a week after the wedding. Nice honeymoon. It was pleasant and enlightening having them around. I kept trying to get a feeling of what they thought of the U.S. and things here in the states. All I could get out of them was "goood" and "biiiiig". Michelle said they enjoyed themselves, especially seeing the Golden Gate Bridge since that was the only thing they knew about San Francisco. Besides hitting the SF biggies and Monterey I think another highlight was visiting an American supermarket.

I was also reminded of how isolated parts of the world are. Or to be more exact how large the generational and cultural gap is between us. Standing at Coit Tower looking at the Bay Bridge Michelle's father found it hard to believe that we crossed the bridge all the time. There were other instances of what I feel is basic world knowledge that had me scratching my head...and they were scratching their's upon seeing us on the computer getting information in a moment's notice. This, despite that fact that Korea (mainly just Seoul) is more connected than the U.S.

Mid-Week Run 5.27

Tonight was a good night to run. Okay, for me anytime is a good time to run as long as it is not windy. 6 1/2 miles of sheer beauty. The tide was coming in and the dogs were out at Baker Beach. Blue skies over the Golden Gate Bridge and underneath the Presidio's canopied trails I was alone. Inspiration on two feet makes for one happy night.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The ring on the finger feels natural yet awkward at the same time. Thanks to all those who joined us in making Michelle and my day so special.

Emotions and words often fail us in important times and there was so much we wanted to say we could not on our wedding day. That said we both could not be happier that each of you are in our lives and we look forward to enjoying many more memories together.

The idea that two people from two far away lands could meet in San Francisco is an amazing concept. Then knowing that Michelle is sacraficing being so far away from family and friends to be with a me is beyond my comprehension.

To see so many of you make what we do every day matter.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

City Treasures

New York has the money. Washington has the power. San Francisco has the freedom. Freedom is really want we all want, right? Freedom from obligations. Freedom to be creative. Freedom to be who we want to be.

This staircase out the the Sunset caught my eye and got me thinking about freedom and the creative spirit.