Tuesday, June 05, 2007

SeaWorld = StrollerWorld

While in San Diego I went to SeaWorld with my friends, their two kids and the kids' grandparents. While I enjoyed the day I could not help but feeling I was being run over by strollers. I had never seen so many strollers in one place in my life.

Strollers are the very manifestiation of the dark commercial forces and one-upmanship that consume new parents. These were not strollers, these were mini-SUVs. I saw one stroller made by Jeep. Double-decker strollers, strollers with nobby-tires, extra storage, secret compartments and maybe even a coffee cup warmer for the parents. And the kids in them were usually not infants. What happened to walking? What happened to the simple stroller?
Parents need these super-sized strollers to carry all the extra stuff instead of the child. Often, the stroller turns into a shopping cart with the child relegated to a shoulder, the bags of over-priced memories filling the seat (since the kid will be too young to remember anything).

$900 for a stroller! I'll take a Red Flyer Wagon, it has more room looks a lot cooler.

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