Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Run San Diego

People ask why I run. I say, "If you have to ask, you will never understand". It is something only those select few know. Those who put themselves through pain, but know, deep down, how good it really feels.

I talk to my friends about running a lot. But only one of them has ever had the determination to see what I am talking about for themselves. This past weekend was the San Diego Marathon and while I finished the 26.2 miles in 4:20, it was nothing to my good friend Omar finishing at 4:40 in his first marathon.

The night before the race he was nervous, anxious and uncertain about what the marathon would hold in store for him. I reassured him he would do well, having trained hard, put in the hours and knew of his competitive spirit first hand. He was hoping to just finish, maybe around 5:30, 6 at the latest. All of his hard work paid off and I could not be more proud of him.

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