Thursday, April 05, 2007

Regional Special Olympics 4/1

This past weekend I made the three hour trek to Fresno with six of the most courageous athletes I know. It was the annual Special Olympics basketball tournament. I help coach the San Francisco Wildcats, one of three teams I coach along with two other great coaches. I normally do not work with the Wildcats but due to circumstances this was my team for the weekend.
Special Olympic tournaments are always filled with inspiration and wonder. This Wildcat team consisted of only six players, that is tough to complete with on any level. On top of that the team enlisted two new members since regular team members could not make it. Despite losing the first three games the Wildcats never gave up and won their last game of the tournament making for an enjoyable ride home. Teamwork on the court carried to off the court as well when Eugene needed help from Charles and Bill to get to the van after injuring his ankle. Yes, there are even cheerleaders at Special Olympics. Not for us, but they were fun to watch.

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