Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chasing History

I thought I might be a part of history last night. A lot of people seem to be thinking that Barry is going to hit the big dinger this home stand. I sure do, others think it is going to take a while. I went to the Giants game hoping Barry Bonds would crush a few home runs. He didn't and is still two away from tying Hank Aaron for the all-time record, three away from breaking that record. I have another chance to possibly see history on Friday (if he doesn't do it by then).
So all the press is here and the demand for tickets is skyrocketing. Barry is slumping despite hitting two dingers in Chicago. Anyone who's been following all things Barry knows that whenever he gets close to some record, he gets all slump-y, probably due to all the hype and pressure surrounding him and so it takes him awhile to get to the big number. All of which has many guessing when and where he breaks the record and the speculation that Barry and the Giants so want this record broken at home that they'll rig it so that he does. So what they’re saying is that the Giants will intentionally sit Barry on the road just enough to make sure that there's no way he'll be break the record in the team's grays. This despite the evidence out there that it's possibly the stupidest thing anyone has ever thought up due to it's complete disregard to reality.

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