Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Historic Hit

Wow! Unbelievable. What are the chances of me attending the game where Barry Bonds hits the record breaking home run? It was pure pandemonium. What luck.

Who cares if the commissioner was not there. That says as much about who Bud Selig is as it does Barry Bonds. Who cares about the steroid cloud over it. Whatever Barry did was completly legal at the time. Do I believe he took some medicinal incentives? Yes. This was a great moment for baseball. Barry is the most dangerous hitter ever in baseball. He changed the game like no other. This is great moment in San Francisco sports history. It will not live up to the 49ers three Super Bowls, but still great.

What makes Barry stand out in my mind is he perserverance. He kept going surrounded by all of this. He just kept going doing what he does best.

The Home Run King.

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