Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Twice in 1 Year

My feet were on fire, my hips in ached and my knees cringed in pain, but somehow I managed to cross the finish line of my second marathon this year. Once again the best part about it was running it with my good friend Omar. To make it even better Omar and I had our own little cheering section, his parents.

This race is one of the better supported marathons I have run. All along the race course there were people cheering you on, especially the final 4 miles. It sure is an emotional boost having them there. You can't stop running when somebody is cheering you on. The course takes you from the Folsom Dam to the State Capital and running in December you see all the vibrant tree colors.

And talk about a post race score! An All You Can Eat Buffet ...for $4.99! If you are ever in Sacratomato and in the need for a good inexpensive meal, I highly recommend Annabelle's in Old Town.

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