Monday, January 28, 2008

Austin Eating

Food is one of the ways we consume different cultures, whether those cultures be a few hundred or a few thousand miles away. When we eat cuisine from a cetain location we presume to know its people, its culture and way of life a little better. Eating BBQ in Austin, Texas, is a perfect example. Texans mean business when it comes to bbq and you don't want to mess with anything fancy.

The photos are from The Salt Lick, quite a well known BBQ joint, and rightly so. You pull into the expansive parking lot and the first thing you smell when you open the door is sweet smell of bbq smoke.

Three things you can tell about Texas and Texans from its bbq:
1. Texans like things big

2. Meat is king. Texans have guns and will use them.

3. Looks can be deceiving. Just like the spicy looking sauce might be sweet, Texas looks rough and tumble but its got a softer side.

4. They love Sam Houston and the Lone Star Symbol

5. Orange is their favorite color.

Okay, the last two have no relationship to bbq but it might as well.

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