Monday, April 21, 2008

Hybrid Hype

I have heard a lot of commercials lately for the Toyota Camry Hybrid. Radio commercials touting its highway MPG as 34! 34?! That is it! I find this to be a ridiculously low number. I did a test in my 1998 Honda Prelude during the last two full fill-ups and I get 28 mpg. My car is 10 years old and this so-called eco-friendly, gas-saving hybrid only gets 6 more miles to the gallon than mine. What a joke. The hype over hybrid car is nice but lets be honest about certain truths. These cars still use a lot of gas. If those who drive hybrids were really conscious about saving the environment they should not buy a car in the first place. Not only do these cars still produce exhaust, use gas, but we rarely take into account the material used to make these cars. And I wonder what these new car owners did with their old cars. Are they filling up some junk yard somewhere?

I find it absurd that the auto industry has not developed a car that gets more mpg than what we currently have on the road. The cars of the 50's get the same as today.

Drivers of these hybrids make the social statement they are interested in but if they really wanted to save the environment and nowdays save money with rising gas costs, don't drive at all. Ride a bike. Get an electric car. Don't buy the hybrid hype.

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