Monday, June 16, 2008


Herb Caen once wrote that the coldest winter he ever had to endure was a summer in San Francisco. Oh, how the wise, great Herb was. It has been downright cold in San Francisco. 50-degress in the afternoon and if that was not enough the wind has been blowing harder than political windbag. Walking home tonight I saw somebody wearing earmuffs. I see more scraves now than I did in January. Walking to the produce store last night I found myself at my closet reaching for my parka.

I love San Francisco but the weather is starting to get to me. As I approach my ten year anniversary of living in this magical and mystical place I find myself wondering how much more of these tempertures I can take. How long can I battle the wind whipping my face as I step outside in June? How long must my summer clothes be relegated to only two weeks every January? How long must I shiver in shorts running against the wind while others melt? Then I think to myself...and I look around...and it is at that moment I realize I do not want to be any where else.

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