Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bailout Pork Barrel

So, you thought the Senate was only concerned with helping the economy and the mortgage crisis? By now we all know Hank Paulson's original 3 page bailout plan has grown to a massive tomb exceeding 400 pages. In doing a quick (okay, not so quick) scan of the Senate proposal, you find several admendments extending provisions to certain groups.

Page 279 — Rum excise tax to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
Page 280 — Mine rescue / mine safety
Page 290 — Motorsports racing track facility
Page 290 — Hurricane Katrina and Gulf opportunity zone
Page 295 — Wool modifications
Page 296 — Permanent authority for undercover operations
Page 297 — Child tax credit
Page 300 — Children and wooden arrows

Look, check it out for yourself.

This is the reason why so many of us have a distaste in our mouth at the very thought of government. Instead of focusing on solving this enourmous problem, our elected officials are still concerned with special interests. No matter what the bill, no matter how important, these pork barrel items are always present.

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