Saturday, November 08, 2008

Proud to Vote

I voted for President Elect Obama.

The rest of my votes went almost exclusively to Republicans and Libertarians. In looking at the Democratic platform, there are a few things I agree with, but on the economic side, other than being ok with him raising my tax rate, there isn’t a lot of his economic policy that I do agree with him on. So why did I vote for him?

It's simple. Having an elected black President will do more to energize this country than any economic or social policy ever could. In a single day of voting, our amazing country once again reinvigorated the dream that any child in this country, no matter what circumstances they are born into, can grow up to be anything they want, including President of the United States.

That dream, staying viable, being reinvigorated, will do more for this country than any economic policy or any legislation that could ever be passed.

That, and I am tired of hearing Black America say it does not have any role models, as if that was the reason for its troubles.

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