Sunday, February 08, 2009

Korean Knowledge

I thought it might be nice to start a regular feature on this blog passing along some useful information on Korean culture and history from time to time. A sort of get to know Korea through me...through my wife. I have done this sporadically in previous entries but I am now going to make it more of a regular occurence.

To start though, I offer some quick pointers in behavior for those not accustomed to being around Koreans:

1. If you meet a Korean anywhere, never ask "North or South?" North Koreans have no freedom to travel outside of their country -- that's what it means to have a communist dictatorship. The only place that you will likely meet a North Korean is within North Korea; at that point, you wouldn't really have to ask. Everywhere else, all Koreans are South Koreans

2. Do not make a Korean person around you a representative of his/her race. Do not ask questions like "Why are Korean girls so slutty?" or "Why are Korean people so loud?" because the answers will be either wrong or incomplete. Do you know all there is to know about your heritage?

3. Yes, all Koreans eat Kimchee. Don't even bother asking. Kimchee holds a special place in Korean culture which I am sure I will outline in forthcoming posts.

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