Thursday, November 05, 2009

Air Travel Rant

Having flown several times over the past two months here are a few observations of air travel. I do not rant very often here so be patient.

1. TSA Airport Security is a joke. This more so after news of Britney Spears being allowed to board her Big Gulp. I don't travel with my hygenic items in a clear plastic bag and have never had any trouble. I pass through with my carry on containing lip balm, a tube of sunscreen and other so-called banned items everytime. The metal detector does not catch my cell phone, watch, belt, ring or other metal objects I never remove before passing through. I understand it is a veil of security but doesn't that veil also have to have some teeth?

2. Baggage fees. $20 bucks to check my bag? It causes more trouble when I carry it on. You have the baggage staff there and they are already loading bags, what is the need for the charge?

3. I requested to change to a flight leaving one hour later than my orignal. There were plenty of seats available and I would not have to fly stand-by but it would cost me $150 dollars to change. What? Why? The airline is not losing money by allowing me to leave an hour later on the same airline. So what, somebody has to type in some new flight information. That is whay they get paid to do.

4. When an airline says it will have an ontime departure or arrival it sounds like it wants a pat on the back. That is what I paid you to do.

5. Don't tell me to arrive 1 1/2 hours early only to have to sit and wait in your dreary airport lounge for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

6. Fix the automatic check in computers. Why is it half of them are out of service?

7. If you are going to charge people to pay for headphones to watch a movie then why do I have to listen to your commercials and public relations messages over the cabin speakers? Let those idiots who paid for headphones listen to that crap.

8. If you are going to be so stingy and tight on security why don't you crack down on the regulation size of carry-on bags? I am tired of seeing people squeeze mid-size bags into overhead compartments.

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