Saturday, January 02, 2010

Boston Resolution

I not one for New Year's Resolutions. I believe if you want to change something you should have the will-power to do at at any time. If you need the New Year to give you the motivation the likelihood of you sticking to it are slim.

That said, here is my non-New Year's Resolution. Boston.

I have always held the Boston Marathon as beyond my capabilities. When asked I always laughed, shook my head and was content with just running. You see, in order to run Boston you have to qualify and for a person my age that means running a marathon in 3:15...a RIDICULOUSLY fast time. To put it in perspective Lance Armstrong finished the NYC Marathon in 2:50. I find it hard to imagine me or anybody 25 minutes slower than Lance...even if he is not a runner. While I still am content and always will be with whatever I can do, I believe it is possible for me to qualify. I have to cut about 20 minutes off my time. Possible. Not probable. There is a big difference.

As you should know by now I run for pleasure. I don't want running to be a chore or to overtake my life. That is where the Boston goal gets tough. Even when getting ready for a 'usual' marathon I don't follow a 'normal' training regimen and don't meet mileage markers most do. In order to make Boston I have to maximize the 'little' time I spend running, shorter and faster runs, more intense non-running workouts, longer weekend runs.

No matter what I will enjoy the run.

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