Sunday, March 07, 2010

613 Miles

These shoes have 613 miles on them. I always find it tough to know when I should retire my shoes. Nike says shoes last anywhere between 400-600 miles before the cushioning starts to breakdown and the shoe becomes less effective. It could be just a scam to get you to buy more shoes. Lucky for me I have not purchased a pair of running shoes in a few years. (thanks Nike!)

I am lite and efficient runner so I tend to think my shoes last a bit longer, maybe I am wrong. I wish there was a better gauge. Some visual reading showing you how much cushioning and support you have. Sort of like the power reading on a battery.

Some runners can get a good idea by the tread wear. Me, not so much. The bottom of my shoes are not unevenly worn. Others start to notice pain in their knees or hips. Again, me, not so much. The link in the title of this post has some pretty good guidelines. No matter what I will just keep running.

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