Sunday, September 07, 2008

San Diego

We made the trek down to San Diego to get away and just relax. We ended up gorging ourselves with fish tacos. You can have your SeaWorld, keep your Mission Beach and Torrey Pines, the fish taco is the real reason to visit San Diego. Fish tacos anywhere else do not compare to these tasty treats, and cheap. Fish tacos here in SF cost around 7-bucks. In SD they are around 3-bucks and so much better. Sorry, I do not have any photos of said tacos as I was too busy stuffing them down my face. I do have a picture of this so-called Korean BBQ beef. Michelle and I tried to figure out what made it 'Korean" but really could not. It made us think what 'passes' as ethnic food in some places. What makes adding won ton bits enough to call it an 'asian salad'? Does adding curry to something really make it Indian?

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