Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am Running....Revived

I started this blog to chronicle my runs and while it has strayed from its original intent, here is a post as it was meant to be.

I am running. That's right. Don't chase me or track me down.

Low clouds blanket The City taking off the regular chill. Headlamp...check, although it's not needed thanks to the moon, even behind the clouds. It breaks through every now and then to make sure we know it is there. A single spotlight atop The Transamerica building urges me up the hill...then a thousand lights applaud.

I am running. Don't try to call me, text me or track me down. Whatever it is it can wait. Besides, who cares. I am coming back with a clear state of mind.

An owl. Those foolish souls with earphones can't hear you greet them. Eucalyptus...then redwood, energizing scents push me further. The Bay is calm, flat and flirtatious. Lights flicker from all over. Richmond. Berkeley. Closer now than in daylight. Each step a different journey. Changes my eyes don't need to see.

Icons illuminated. Beacons at sea bright. The largest glow of all now crystal clear above me. No clocks. No demands. No question I am alive. I am running.

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