Thursday, December 10, 2009

Luggage versus Water Bottles

I know there is the fear over 'liquid explosives' so there is a need to secure airplanes from harmful water bottles. But I say the TSA and the airlines need to crackdown on carry-on luggage size. You see those standard size requirements at the check-in area. If your bag does not fit inside this little box it is too big. Ha! I see bags the size of small sheep on airplanes. Plus a laptop bag and a purse or man-bag (that word annoys me).

And speaking of security when are we going to stop being on 'security threat level Orange'? What a worthless designation. Is the capture or death of Osama Bin Laden going to bring it down to Green? Airport security is so inconsistent it is laughable. I see people go through the trouble of putting their little belongings into clear plastic bags while I have never done this and have yet to be stopped. I carry nail clippers in my carry on. Watch, next time I fly I will be stopped and it will be confiscated.

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