Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Summer in San Fogcity

Put away the shorts and grab those sweaters, it is a typical San Francisco summer. Covered from high it's like the city is grabbing the covers to hibernate for a few weeks. We all need that once in a while. Like it or not America looks to San Francisco to lead the way in many things and maybe San Francisco gets tired and needs to escape the spotlight. We all need to recharge. The revolutionary tradition seems to permeate the ground here and before long The City will emerge with a bolder plan for a better tomorrow.

Maybe The City is trying to keep a secret. It whispers around corners and through tunnels to only those delicate few willing to have the patience.

I never tire of the fog. I find it consoling, like the rain. It is another layer between me and the world. The light is softer. Sounds are muffled. It pushes one inward. Outside the fog horn comforts.

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