Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What do you spend?

Sometimes, finding out how much other people are spending on different things affects my own financial behavior in positive ways. If I learn that I'm spending less than the regional average on something, I figure, Hey, I'm doing something right. Let's keep on keeping on. If I blow well above an average on something, it's time for a little re-evaluation of how I'm spending.

According to Bundle.com, the typical San Francisco household spends the following sums monthly:

* Food and drink: $370 on groceries; $419 on restaurants and takeout

* Housing expenses, excluding mortgage or rent: $238 on home improvement; $179 on utilities; $107 on phone-related expenses

* Shopping and consumer goods: $231 on clothing and shoes; $482 on department stores and wholesale clubs; $54 on hobby-related purchases

* Gasoline: $148; auto loan payments and related expenses: $211

* Diversions: $293 on travel; $51 on cable or satellite TV; $96 on live entertainment, gaming and tourist attractions

* Insurance and services: $358 on insurance; $103 on prescriptions and doctor visits; $125 on school and childcare expenses; $110 on gym memberships, haircuts and other personal care-related services; $89 on charitable donations; $37 on pets

How do you compare? You can check out other cities on bundle by following the link.

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