Monday, September 20, 2010

Convention Coolness?

Since when was it cool to walk around with a convention badge draped around your neck? I have attended maybe a half dozen large conferences in my life and I can not recall not immediately taking off my badge when walked out the door. I usually did not even wear my badge while inside the conference. I don't want to look like a geek attending some convention.

San Francisco has its share of big conferences and this week is one of the largest, the Oracle Open World Conference. All over downtown you see conventioneers wearing their badges; walking around, eating, shopping. "Do you get a discount in Macy's if you wear your badge?" I asked an employee after seeing a group of men buy shirts. "No." she replied.

Maybe it is just me and my lack of enthusiasm for the OOW (Oracle Open World). Maybe for these conventioneers is a like a badge of honor. But who are you going to impress? Others attending the conference? Not too impressive if so many others are wearing badges as well.

I guess I would wear a badge if it was exclusive or gave me a certain privilege. I would wear a badge if it was the IQ Over 300 Conference or the Conference of Those Who Walked on the Moon. That is impressive. If the badge gave me the right drink in public or the entitled me with the power to make spontaneous laws...I would wear a badge for that. Attending a the OOW with 43,ooo+ others, not so imprerssive.

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