Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tale of Two Street Festivals

One thing that makes this City so great is its diversity. (I almost added openness as well but this place is not as open as it claims or people make it out to be but that is for another post)

This weekend saw two of the most different street fairs possible; the Cole Valley Street Fair and the Folsom Street Fair. Luckily I made it to both and felt equally at home while also out of place at each. I think the photos will clearly explain why...if you do not already know.

Cole Valley:
Folsom Street:
A bit different, yes. I never feel good about myself after attending the Folsom Street Fair because nearly all of the guys are, um, ripped, in shape and have serious pecs. At least it gives me motivation.

I could have provided you with more graphic photos from the Folsom event but I am going to try to keep this PG rated.

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