Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back from Canada

Michelle and I are back from Canada and our delayed honeymoon. Tons of snow, as expected in Canada.

A few of the unexpected include:
1. Condom vending machines in the 'washrooms' at Vancouver Airport - where are you going to use it?
2. Canadians are still under the spell of Bryan Adams and go crazy for him
3. There really is no truly 'Canadian Food' like BBQ is to America or pizza is to Italy or Kimchee is to Korea.

Some of the expected but still surprised:
1. Canadians are very polite - twice somebody gave me change on the bus because the machines don't take bills (why is that?!)
2. You want polite, the bus driver waited at a stop so a passenger could run into a McDonald's to get coffee
3. Canandian TV is really bad. Words can not explain, you just have to watch. Plus, most of the news focuses on the Canadians infatuation with the U.S.

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