Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I shouldn't look...I shouldn't look...Oh SH**T

I know the market has been in a freefall. I know the Dow is below 8500. I see the individual stock prices at 52 week lows. I see the unemployment numbers. I know my investiments are being drained but I tried to avoid thinking about it. Like many I figured I would just ride it out. Heck, I don't need the money now and I can not really get my hands on it for well over 30 years anyway.

On a daily basis the economic crisis has not really hit home for me; I am no where near retirement, I don't own a home or have a mortgage and I am fortunate to have a high paying job. Heck, I was even considering this a prime time to buy and invest more. Today changed that. Today brought it all into perspective. Today I have new found sympathy for those less fortunate than me and those nearing retirement. Today I did what I had been avoiding. For various reasons I had to check by retirement and 401k account, an act I had been purposely avoiding for months. I shouldn't have...but I couldn't avoid it any longer.

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