Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wifi Idea

Many of you have grown tired of my business ideas...ideas that never get off the ground but eventually hit it big for somebody else. Can you say 'cupcakes?" Here is an idea I know is going to be a big technological hit, if only I knew who to talk to to get it done. Know anybody?

Close range quick Wifi downloads. Here is the concept: You are in the grocery store and you see that butternut squash but you have no idea how to prepare it or have a recipe for it. Not to fear, you have your Wifi enabled mobile device handy. At the store display for butternut squash there is a transimitter of some kind allowing you to download recipes for that butternut squash. The download only works when you are near the squash and this transmitter. Elsewhere there are downloads in the meat department pertaining to that rack of lamb. Or, you can access all this information only when you are in the store and not at such close range.

Another application would be a trade shows or events. You visit a booth and want more information. Just download it right there.

I find it similar to POS advertising; the candy, magazines and gift cards you see at checkout counters. Instant and easy access at the moment you are thinking about it. What do you think?

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