Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I have to admit I like Chicago. The Chicago River cutting through downtown gives it character and feeling. Lake Michigan keeping watch makes me feel comfortable. Chicago is a big city with a midwestern feel, as it should. It stands out in so many ways, so do its buidlings and skyscrapers. Chicago was the first American city to have a "skyscraper". Okay, it was only ten stories tall but it was labeled "skyscraper".

The city is really pushing bicycle use and has been actively creating bike lanes in the city and paths in parks. Right now it even has a city-wide art exhibit in the form of stylized bikes all around. The same concept other citites have used, San Francisco had hearts, Madison had cows, San Jose had sharks. The city also does a great job beautifying the place by planting flowers everywhere, the tuplip were in full bloom.
Millenium Park is a big draw and is new since I had been there last. It features "the bean" a huge mercury looking pebble that is great for reflections and two giant squares that serve as visual art and a waterfall. Water cascades down all sides and even shoots out of the mouth of the faces shown from time to time.
While there I got a chance to see my good friend Michael. He just stated the Illinois Education Foundation, helping financially challenged kids pay for college. Here is the link for more information on his wonderful program. Michael will run for office one day.

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