Monday, May 07, 2007

Travel Situation

I had an interesting occurance flying Southwest Airlines the other day. I was sitting in the front row, the very front, with no seats in front to place my carry on items below. I had no luggage. I only had my leather attache, or "man-bag". My bag does not contain a computer but just paperwork and magazines. The flight attendant told me I would have to place it in the overhead storage unit. I gave her my bag without argument. She then asked the woman next to me to do the same thing. The woman protested saying it was her purse. The flight attendant complied and did not push the issue. I did. I said if she could have her's I wanted mine back. I only did it for a matter of purpose. The flight attendant said no, her's was a purse and mine was note. I forced the issue saying my bag is of less "danger" than her purse since it is likely carrying less. Her's was probably carrying "lipstick to terrorize the passangers" while mine only had magazines. I eventually lost the battle and apologized to my neighbor. She agreed I was right and should have been allowed to have it. It just goes to show you how obsurd certain flight rules are. Women can carry more than their fair share of carry-on's. Everybody has a carry-on that is too large. Try fitting any of them into those "standard carry-on" size displays at check-in.

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