Wednesday, May 09, 2007

New York City

One way to really appreciate San Francisco is to leave it for a over a week. After a trip to New York and Chicago, San Franciso's charms take center stage Other cities try but San Francisco doesn't have to. Its natural beauty comes shining through even on grey days. Where cities have to create beauty in the form of parks or buildings, San Francisco can just sit back and giggle at them. Keep trying you lesser places, you will never compare.

New York is a fine place and as you can see, Michelle and I enjoyed the place. The cherry blossoms and Magnolias were in full bloom at the New York Botanical Garden (way up in the Bronx). I think we might have been the only non-New Yorkers there (and free on Wednesday's too).

We made our way to the man made vista known as the Empire State Building. San Francisco does not have building you have to pay for to peer out its windows at the top. NY has ESB and the new Rockefeller Observation Deck. Can you imagine going to the top of the Transamerica Building? What is the point? Climb to the top of Coit Tower or go the Top of the Mark and you see the same thing for free.

One of of the most fascinating sights was the line at a hamburger joint called the Shake Shack. NY'ers were waiting 45 minutes to an hour in line to order a hamburger. Seeing the burgers and reading reviews online it did not seem worth the wait. Makes me wonder if NY'ers are so starved for a good burger maybe I should copy In-n-Out and open up a place of my own.

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