Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Giants Thursday Run

I was all excited heading out the door for tonight's run. It was my favorite weather; a bit misty, the streets damp, the smell of wet dirt and rain in the air. Perfect. But it did not last. After about 4 blocks the moisture was gone and it was simply overcast and cool. Still nice.

Tonight's route took to A-T-&-T Park where I made a pit-stop to watch the Giants bat in the bottom of the 8th against the Brewers. The Giants were leading 7-1.

While nice run it did have it fair share of interuptions because of stop signs along Division (below the Central Freeway) and along Market (Financial District).

Despite all of the stoplights I really enjoy running through the Financial District trying to dodge all of the business suits scurrying home. Heading up Geary and tried to race the bus all the way home, the 38 Geary bus. I failed but I gave it my best shot.

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