Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heart, Heat and a Hum Baby!

It sure did cool off in a hurry. No more hot weather in SF. We've had our three days all year. Lady Grey is back. I used my heart rate monitor for the first time in a long time tonight (I finally got around to changing the battery). Here are my vitals: when at rest my heart rate is 50bpm; when running at a comfortable 7:40 pace my heart rate was 145bpm. I have no idea what this all means I just find it nice to know. I think there is some equation where you figure out how long it takes your heart to return to normal and your maximum bpm. That takes too much thought for me but I would like to know.

Cool thing on my run tonight was I saw SF Giants announcer Dave Flemming. It seems he lives about 5 blocks from me. Looked like he was sweeping the entry way to his house.

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