Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day

I consider today Earth Day. It is the birthday of John Muir. I first heard of Earth Day back in college when I was working for the college radio station. The band Dramarama had a song that mentioned it.

Earth Day in San Francisco was hot. It was the second day of near 90-degree tempertures, unheard of for The City. There is a joke you can always tell who the tourists are because they are the ones wearing shorts. Well, for the last two days even the locals were wearing shorts.

I did my little part for Earth Day today, running down to Baker Beach and picking up whatever litter I saw. I walked to and from work, which I normally do a few time a week anyway instead of taking the bus.

Today is also reminds me to one day hike the John Muir trail. I'll probably have to do it by myself in an organized group since it seems none of my friends have any intention of joining me. Am I wrong? Care to join me? Check the link.

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