Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Never A Boring Run

Running for me is more about the destination than the distance. More about the enjoyment than the endurance. Near the end of tonight's run I took a lap around Kezar Stadium (where the 49ers used to play). There was a training group, about 75 runners, and what they were doing looked boring! They were just doing laps to get in a distance. Could it be any worse? I have no idea how far they were going but I over heard one of the trainers tell them they were half way through and ask what topic they were on? What topic were they on? I then heard different groups of runners talking about such mundane things as favorte beers, vacation spots, etc.

Yes, a good deal of running is seeing how far you can push your body but it seems nowdays more and more people are running marathons for charity and not about the pleasure of running. To me that is not running. Yes, it has opened up running to a new audience and hopefully many will continue. Yes, it is for a good cause. I only wish these new runners didn't just do laps but hit the streets and parks to explore and run with a sense of adventure. That is what running is all about. If they were with me they would have seen unique houses, amazing views, intriguing neighborhoods and dodged a few cars along the way.

My route is in the link.

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